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July has already started and the fact that FINALLY the summer has arrived in the UK, we thought it would be suitable to write about some pretty cool sustainable British swimwear brands you should get to know in 2019.

As we at are focusing now more and more on a sustainable lifestyle it’s natural for us to research and write about sustainable brands. With this in mind we are interested in small UK businesses. There are lots of sustainable swimwear brands out there that we like a lot but these are just a few British brands that we are particularly crushing on right now, but all others are of course worth checking out too!

Please note that I (Annabell) have not gotten any swimwear from those brands, this is just something I have researched and therefore I’m not able to talk about the actual quality of the products. But if I’m in need of some new swimwear products then these are certainly the brands I would buy from. At the moment I’m still wearing lots of old bikinis which I had purchased years ago and are still in good condition :).


It is estimated that by 2050, there will be a greater volume of plastic than fish in the ocean! With 1.4 billion tons of waste entering our seas every year. Pretty scary right? That’s why we think it’s so important to start investing in ethical swimwear from brands that deliver on sustainable materials without sacrificing style.

The fashion industry may be a leading contributor to our planet’s pollution problem – but as shoppers become increasingly eco-aware, brands are being forced to revisit their manufacturing processes and make them more sustainable.

There are more than 600,000 tons of fish nets floating around, making up a tenth of all marine litter, killing animals and destroying coral reefs.

Every ton contains enough nylon to make over 10,000 swimsuits, which is why conscious fashion designers have been turning to techno fabric ECONYL.

This soft lycra is cleverly made from regenerated ghost nets and textile waste that can be recycled and remoulded again and again. How amazing is that? It’s extra resistant to chlorine and sun cream, meaning it keeps its shape and colour for longer - facts I absolutely love!


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Designed to survive a dive

“Davy J is a swimwear brand for the wild. Designed to survive a dive, pull off a cliff jump or handle a waterfall, it's a new kind of beachwear - one that you can swim in.” - Perfect for those who are spending hours in the water and want to wear swiwear which doesn’t come off when jumping into the water ;).


Our suits are designed to last longer, fighting the trend of throwaway fashion and creating something that can keep up with you in all conditions. A double lined, high elastane composition provides extra strength, durability and shape; with hidden rubber edging and cross back designs our styles are built to ensure you surface from the water in the same condition as you entered it.

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“Our swimwear is made from 100% recycled plastic waste that would have otherwise been headed for landfill and our oceans.

Turning trash into treasure - how changing our perspective could change our future.

“We like to think our swimwear is proof that there is value to be found in what is currently deemed as rubbish. We believe that up-cycling and recycling waste into products and tools that are useful, valuable and reusable could play a big part in the clean-up and overall reduction of waste pollution going forward. Recycling may not save the planet, but it's one of many solutions we can use. It not only helps reduce consumption of new raw materials, it also helps reduce energy usage, as well as reducing air and water pollution from landfills and marine waste.” Amazing ethos - and how cute are those swimsuits? They are also available for little ones :))



“We value choice: Our modular swimwear range lets you choose styles that fit you and flatter your figure.

We demand quality: We use luxurious Italian Lycra which is twice as resistant to chlorine, creams and oils than other stretch fabrics, meaning our double-lined bikinis retain their shape and colour summer after summer.

We are sustainable: By 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean, which is why we use sustainable fabric made from regenerated plastic waste collected from the land and sea.

We are ethical: Our bikinis are made under one roof in London, by a not-for-profit social enterprise which provides full-time training and day courses for anyone considering a career in fashion design.

We want to hear from you: You are our number one priority. GYKO is designed to make you feel great, so we want to hear your ideas and suggestions every step of the way. So go on girls, get your kit off, get your 'kini on and get in touch.”

- All in all GYKO sounds like a wonderful brand! Don’t you agree? Aaaand their swimwear looks amazing!



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“We provide high-quality swimwear options which truly flatter your figure. All of our products are ‘modular’, which means that each top can be paired with any bottoms. We don’t want you to settle for something you're not 100% comfortable in, or make you buy in black just so you can have that one half you do love - that’s just not good enough.” We absolutely LOVE the fact that at GYKO you can mix match any top and bottom!

“All of our swimwear is made with Repreve fabric; a fabric that is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.

Here at Tide + Seek we want to help make a difference to reduce the amount of plastic bottles that go into landfills every year.

 All plastic bottles labeled with #1 on the bottom have the same chemistry make-up as polyester known as PET (polyethylene terephthalate) allowing plastic bottle flakes to be transformed into fabric perfect for swimwear. 

REPREVE® is a polyester fibre made of 100% recycled plastic, comprised mostly of post-consumer plastic bottles. On top of that, the production of the fabric offsets the use of new petroleum, emitting fewer greenhouse gases, while conserving water and energy throughout the process. 

The REPREVE® fabric used within all of Tide + Seek's products is chlorine resistant with a UV protection of factor 50. The quality of the fabric is so good, it's hard to believe that you are actually wearing recycled plastic bottles!

By supporting brands that use REPREVE® as well as other types of recycled fabrics you are making a difference to the future we will live in.” Sounds AWESOME! thumbs up!


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“Paper Plage; a characterful collection of swimwear crafted with care. Each piece is made using a sustainable material fabricated from recycled fishing nets - working to keep our seas clean and minimise new ocean waste. Not only is it eco-friendly, this innovative fabric also protects against the sun’s rays, offering the equivalent UV protection of an SPF50 sun cream, and is twice as resistant to chlorine and greasy lotions than other swimwear fabric.”




Eco-friendly: made from sustainable, recycled materials

  • Techno fabric provides protection against UV rays equivalent to an SPF50+ sun cream

  • Chlorine and sun cream resistant material

  • Machine wash

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The Co-founders: Natalie Glaze and Zanna van Dijk

We are Stay Wild Swim, a London based premium swimwear brand made from regenerated ocean plastic. Designed to flatter all women our pieces have a purpose, with every single element considering people and the planet.

Our Factory

”We use small local businesses as much as possible, including our factory. Our pieces are designed and created in London.. Using a factory in London allows us to be involved in the whole production process, form relationships with the individuals making our pieces and ensure the most ethical high quality items are produced.

Packaging & Distribution

It is important to us that every element of Stay Wild Swim is as sustainable as possible; which is why our tags and packaging are recycled and recyclable in nature and our shipping is 100% carbon neutral.


Our Ethos

Our swimwear is beautiful, high quality and made to last. We encourage our customers to buy less but buy better. Instead of shopping for new swimwear every holiday, invest in one of our pieces and use it for years. Click here for our full care guide.



As we are making swimwear from recycled plastic, it has to capability the release tiny micro-fibres into the water system when it is washed. To combat this issue we stock the GuppyFriend bag. Simply wash any synthetic fabrics in the bag, capture the micro-plastics and empty them into your bin to stop them entering the water system.”